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MHW Firewood, A Division of MHW Construction, LLC began in the spring of 2017. We have quickly become one of the largest firewood suppliers in NEPA due to our expertise, customer service, quality product, and inventory maintained. We are here to serve you year-round whether you’re an occasional wood burner or need a reliable source to heat your home or business all winter long.

Our Products

We serve all of NEPA

Located in Dalton we deliver all over NEPA. Call for a Quote!

Kiln Dried Available

Low moisture content that burns clean and hot. Bug and Mold Free.

If you burn it, we can provide it!


Quality Seasoned and Kiln Dried Hardwoods


Processing of our seasoned wood stockpile begins in the early spring to allow… More


Our kiln dried wood is the heart of our bundling and packaging operation… More


Firewood bundles are extremely popular at retail locations and are consistently sold year-round… More

Cooking & Smoking

Along with mixed hardwoods can we separate and process oak, cherry, hickory, maple… More


What clients say about us

"Called MHW Firewood, a week later a Tri-axle drove up and delivered 4.5 cord of quality dried firewood. No messing with chainsaws or fighting logs. Happy Man! Will order again."

John White

Kingsley, PA

"Good clean wood. Timely delivery."

Eric Watson


Who We Serve

  • Fireplace, Firepit, and Wood Burner Owners
  • Campgrounds
  • Restaurants
  • Ski Resorts
  • Retailers
  • BBQ Stands

If you burn it, we can provide it!

MHW delivers by the cord or multiple cords via tri-axel.

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